Cozumel PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience


The Discover Scuba Diving experience is the perfect program for those looking to try something new this year. It is designed for those who have no experience with scuba diving, but want to know what it’s like to breathe underwater.

While this program is not an actual certification course, it will open your eyes to new possibilities and give you a taste of how much fun it is to scuba dive.

During the Discover Scuba Diving program, you’ll learn what it’s like to wear scuba equipment, basic safety rules and how it feels to breathe underwater.

To sign up for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience, you must be at least 10 years old. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you need to be in reasonable physical health.

There are 3 Types or Versions of my PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience.

  • Discover Scuba Diving from Shore - 1 tank Dive at a Reef accessible from Shore.
  • Discover Scuba Diving Open Water - 1 tank Dive at a Reef in the Open Water accessible by Boat.
  • Discover Scuba Diving Plus - 2 tanks Dive at a Reef in the Open Water accessible by Boat.

Dive Trip Highlights

  • All diving equipment is provided.
  • 1 tank dive (2 tanks dive with the PLUS experience).
  • No previous Scuba Diving experience necessary.
  • Instructions and assistance with all aspects of SCUBA gear and safety.
  • Small groups with personal attention.
  • Our meeting point is next door to the Cruise Pier.
  • Yes, our Dive Instructors speak English.
  • Our Trips in two words: No Worries.

The Reef we go to:

  • Paradise Reef
  • This reef is inside Cozumel Marine Park (Protected Area).


  • Departs daily: 9:30am, 11am, 12pm (noon), 1pm, and 3pm
  • Yes, we serve Cruisers. Pick a departure time at least 30 minutes later than your docking time in port.

Meeting Point:

  • Our meeting point is the "Marti Sporting Goods Store" across the street from the Cruise Port.
  • Yes, it's close to the Cruise Pier: Literally just 50 yards.
  • It’s only 1 mile from the Ferry Pier where you will arrive if you are coming from Playa del Carmen.
  • No worries. Directions will be in your eVoucher we email you after you book your tour online.


  • All Diving Equipment
  • 1 tank dive (2 tanks dive with the PLUS experience).
  • PADI Certified and English speaking Dive Instructor.
  • Soft Drinks Bottled Purified Water.
  • Snacks.
  • Beach break after dive.
  • Marine Park conservation fee.
  • EVERYTHING. This is an All-Inclusive Trip. No worries.


  • Ground transportation from your Cruise Pier or Hotel to our meeting point.
  • Ferry transportation when coming from Mainland (Playa del Carmen or Cancun).
  • Gratuities – optional, of course.

You get all this – and much more for just ...

  • Discover Scuba Diving from Shore: $79usd (2 hours approx).
  • Discover Scuba Diving Open Water: $89usd (2 hours 30 mins approx).
  • Discover Scuba Diving Plus: $119usd (3 hours 30 mins approx).
  • Adults or Kids (Age 10+) are the same price.
  • Cozumel Marine Park Conservation Fee is INCLUDED in the Price.
  • All Fees & Taxes included. No surprises.

Immediately after your payment is processed you’ll receive a Confirmation Email with full directions to our meeting point, and all your Reservation details.

If you can’t print the Confirmation Email because you don’t have access to a printer, simply make a note of the directions and arrive at our meeting point with your passport or any other photo ID.

Book with Confidence. My Refund Policy has you covered:

  • If there's bad weather on the day of your trip, and the harbour master shuts down the port for small boats like mine. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • If you are coming to Cozumel via Cruise Ship, and your Cruise gets re-routed off Cozumel for any reason. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • No questions asked.

The Cozumel Diving Experience

Conveniently located close to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Cozumel is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Mexico. It’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. One of the main reasons for that is the amazing barrier reef that is best explored with the help of scuba diving. This is where Cozumel discover scuba diving course comes into play.

What can you expect from the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience?

So, Cozumel Discover Scuba Diving is a specially designed beginner’s dive course. This means that you don’t have to obtain a full certification to start diving. To put it in simple words, with a course like this, you can try how scuba diving looks and you can decide to get the full certification later if you want to.

The water around Isla Cozumel has crystal clear waters and hides many interesting things. From caves and wrecks to a wide array of living creatures. Even the shallow areas that are very close to the shore and perfect for beginner scuba divers look amazing which is why this island is famed for its scuba diving.

The Cozumel Discover Scuba Diving lasts between 2 and 3 hours and includes different memorable activities. There is a short lesson before you start with real diving. The entire course is supervised by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. He will provide hands-on instructions which mean that you will never feel uncomfortable or insecure underwater. The maximum depth that divers can reach on this course is around 30 feet.

The site where this scuba diving course takes place is shallow and protected. But, even though it covers a small area it has an incredible amount of interesting things to see – bright corals, tropical fish and more.

Many people still don’t know how it is to breathe underwater freely. In case you are ready to experience something new, then you should try this course. Cozumel Discover Scuba Diving tour will help you see whether you like scuba diving or not. Keep in mind that this course will not provide a real scuba certification, but you will definitely get familiar with the use of scuba diving equipment in shallow water and understand how underwater exploration in this way works.

We have mentioned a few things that you will learn during this course, but we will summarize them again. First of all, you will learn more about scuba equipment and how to move while using this equipment. Next, you will find out how it feels to breathe underwater and how comfy it is down there. Finally, you will also learn some basic safety rules and skills that can help you obtain full scuba certification in the future.

The beginner’s dive course takes place in one of the most beautiful parts of the sea around Cozumel. Hundreds of people have already realized how great scuba diving is and there is no reason why you should avoid this activity. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s definitely quite memorable.