How can I go Scuba Diving in Cozumel Without Certification?

Every holiday represents an opportunity to take a break from all the hard work of the year, sit back and relax from all the noise out there. Most of the people use this period to travel abroad and visit beautiful places like Cozumel. Some activities that people usually do in Cozumel is the discover scuba diving trip.

Thanks to scuba diving, you will find out an entire vast blue world and sea life under the water; something that is very relaxing. Cozumel is an excellent place to find a wide array of species of flora and fauna. The only obstacle is that you need a certification to dive in this waters legally.

How to legally dive in Cozumel without certification?

Susanne and Edward relaxing under the Cozumel sea with the help of a guide.

There are 19 official scuba diving spots in this area, and each of them is unique and suitable for different categories of divers. If this is your first time scuba diving in cozumel, you should look for a program designed for beginners.

Even though this is not an official scuba certification course, with the help of this program, you will get a proper introduction to scuba diving.

And if you already know how to scuba dive, it's good too; we count on with programs for experienced people.

Our team will guide and provide you with proper equipment, and with their supervision, it will be possible to have a safe and pleasant scuba diving experience in the waters of Cozumel.

Why is Cozumel a good option to dive without certification?

As we already said, Cozumel Island is a beautiful place located off Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea.

This beautiful island has the ultimate scuba dive sites on our planet. To be more precise, you can dive in Cozumel in many different places not just one or two of them.

Cozumel has stunning coral reefs, active aquatic life and an exceptional level of visibility which is often limited only by the eyes power of the diver.

When the weather conditions are right (and that’s most of the year), you can see through up to two hundred feet of water; Cozumel is a paradise on earth.

Michael and his girlfriend admiring the beauty of Cozumel waters.

With our program, you will get all the diving equipment you will need for scuba diving. The classes are conducted at Paradise Reef and lead by friendly, qualified divers with years of experience in this field. You must be at least ten years old to take.